South Carolina to California and back again, I have been on a lifetime journey that has allowed me to meet many different people from all walks of life. The good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly - I took them all in and filed them away in the back of my mind.


Eventually these memories found their way to paper as I began to write. I placed them in story lines where they interacted through emotion, dialog, and confrontation, pressed to the ground by the overwhelming weight of the human condition. Over time these short scripts became lyrics to songs as I taught myself to play guitar and construct melody.


Not satisfied with simply composing lyrics and music for these songs I turned to my background in Information Technology and built a home studio. It was here a new journey began as I taught myself the art of recording and producing the songs I wrote. I have spent the last twenty years defining my craft as a songwriter, a producer, an arranger, and an engineer.


To me simplicity is the root of all great thoughts. The secret thrill for me, the architect, is delivering that thought with unobtrusive complexity. Writing songs and composing music satisfy my soul and because of this I know exactly what I am designed to do, it’s just that simple.