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South Carolina to California and back again, I have been on a lifetime journey that has allowed me to meet so many different people from all walks of life. Over time they have found their way to paper as I wrote about them, placing them in story lines where they interact through dialog, action, and emotion. All of this while being pressed down by the overwhelming weight of the human condition – there is always a song in there somewhere, you just have to reach in and find it.
To me simplicity is the root of all great thoughts. The secret thrill for me, the architect, is delivering that thought with unobtrusive complexity. Writing songs and composing music satisfy my soul and because of this I know exactly what I am designed to do, it’s just that simple.


I was twelve years old when I picked up my first guitar,
I marveled at the way it felt in my hand,
my fingers hurt for days but I could not put it down,
it held something I had to understand...
Learning to form the words
that my heart must say,
find the time to practice them
each and every day...
Don’t worry about what they might -
or they might not say,
just tell them all I must first crawl -
I’m learning to play...
I could close my eyes for one million years
and dream of songs I’ve yet to write,
hands forming chords that feed deep pools of tears,
looks like I’m going there tonight...
                                          Learning To Play
                                          by Jerry Axson
Learning To PlayJerry Axson
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