Big Sky 12 is a music project developed at Lonesome Dog Studio in Columbia, SC. The goal was to record some great songs showcasing the talents and skills of local musicians and friends and we did just that.
The core musicians at the heart of this project were myself, Lisa Brillinger on drums and percussions, and Jim Morse on Bass. The idea behind the project was simple, myself or someone involved with the project supplied song material or an idea then based on whichever musician was in the mix at that time, they would work it up and through to a finished composition. The finished piece would be recorded, engineered, and produced by me at Lonesome Dog Studio then mastered for final compilation.
After a year of dedication and hard work we have created twelve most excellent songs ranging from Power Pop to Country Pop and several points in between. It's been a fascinating and artistically rewarding journey and we look forward to getting these songs out there for everyone to hear and enjoy                                                                                            - Jerry Axson
A list of the most excellent musicians taking part in this project are -
Lisa Brillinger - Drums and percussions
Jim Morse - Bass, vocals, song writing
Pamela Dale - 12 String Acoustic Guitar
Ashleigh Lane Morse - Composition, Piano
Jerry Axson - Vocals, guitar, keyboards, song writing




Below you will find PDF files containing the cover artwork and the lyric insert booklet sheets that go with this project release. You will also find the Big Sky 12 EPK, (Electronic Press Kit), with information and hot links to project resources.

These items are downloadable and printable for your convenience.

The Savage And The Tamed

Cover artwork

Lyric book insert

Electronic Press Kit


Finally got a chance to sit and listen to the record you worked on and wow, you guys should be really proud! Jerry has a very nice voice and crafts great songs. The flow of the music often puts Gerry Rafferty in my mind (high praise). There's a lot going on in each song and his arrangements reward repeated listens which is awesome! Overall I'm a guitar freak so I especially love the solos in "Only You Can Touch Me" (probably my favorite tune). I remember liking "Two Degrees" a lot from the version you sent me earlier. "Go Tell My Brother" has a great intro and guitar solo. I also think the drums are especially awesome on this track, you filled up the space perfectly! "Running Days" would fit on the first two Pure Prairie League records (nice)! Bonnie heard "Andante" playing and liked it so much she asked me who it was (beautiful piano)! The title track is a mini-epic with excellent vocals and guitar and I love the chorus in "I Can't Find No One". "Right as Rayne" makes a strong finish for a strong album! Thank you for sending me the link to download the tunes, I really enjoyed it!
Mark Baldi (aka Marky Moondog)