Altered Moods consists of Jerry Axson, Hal Axson, and Lisa Brillinger. First formed in the early eighties our only goal
                                                      was to write, perform, and record original music, which we did with great focus and
                                                                   determination. This resulted in a tight pop rock band  with a catalog of fairly
                                                                               decent songs that caught the ear of Tom Lipsky at CMC Productions.
                                                                                     We soon found ourselves recording at CMC in Zebulon, NC where
                                                                                          three sessions gave Tom the material he needed to shop around
                                                                                               going as far up the chain as Geffen Records. The songs were
                                                                                                  deemed great and a power trio with a female drummer was
                                                                                                     very interesting but the lack of road experience made the
                                                                                                       band a hard sell and labels passed.
                                                                                                          Over the past thirty years Altered Moods has
                                                                                                           regrouped and fallen away several times never losing
                                                                                                           the core friendship or the ability to create good music.
                                                                                                           Beyond that there is a comfort in working together
                                                                                                          that you can’t put a price tag on and there is also a
                                                                                                         tremendous trust in allowing Jerry Axson to compose
                                                                                                       and write a large portion of the songs that have been
                                                                                                     generated by the band.
                                                                                               This new turn sees the band getting back together in 2018 to
                                                                                            record at Lonesome Dog Studio, a home studio Jerry built that
                                                                                                  allows him to write, record, and produce. Here there is no
                                                                                                       clock and no master plan just three musicians and
                                                                                                          plenty of opportunity for everyone to bring something to the table. A chance to mix things up, Hal is writing              songs and playing both rhythm and lead guitar which has brought out a different sound and some new and different music.
We’ll keep this web page updated as our project moves along although no one is in any hurry, we just want to record the best songs we can together so stay tuned…




Below you will find PDF files containing the cover artwork and the lyric insert booklet sheets that go with this project release.

These items are downloadable and printable for your convenience.

All This And Balance Too...

Cover artwork

Lyric book insert