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It's been a long time coming but I now have an official website where I can post on all things Lonesome Dog Music. This spot in cyberspace will allow me the opportunity to keep you up to date on projects being worked on at Lonesome Dog Studio as well as offering any work created  to be purchased for your listening pleasure along with video creations, pictures, blogs, and showcases.

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Greetings from Jerry Axson and Lonesome Dog Studio located in beautiful Columbia, SC. I have just completed my 22nd recorded project titled With All Hope In Tow.

It has taken many years for me to gather the courage to write and record in the Christian genre. I have been blessed with a passion for creating music, enjoying every aspect of the process and to have the equipment at my disposal to do so.

My hope is that these songs will minister to you, lift you up, inspire and ignite hope in your spirit and soul just as they did for me during the process of creating them. I want you to have these six songs free to download and enjoy as a gift from me to you. Please share them with anyone you like and use them as the Lord leads you to.

Thank you for taking the time to listen and for supporting original music and unsigned artists.

Saints & Angels of the

Electric Blues Church

I had a lot of fun writing this material and even more fun executing each part in performance. The most satisfying thing about this for me was that I finally got to stretch out on my primary instrument – the guitar.

My hope is that you enjoy listening to this material as much as I enjoyed creating it and that it brings a smile to your face!

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This project is not my usual set of songs - this is a deliberate idea to create, record, and produce a set of soundscapes in the Retro Synthwave genre. Pale Blue Dot is the third and final phase in my quest to put out three completely opposing bodies of work back to back, Power pop to Country pop to Synthwave. These six compositions are meant to be listened to as one whole composition and in one sitting either as background noise or foreground music.

A Room For Every Season

(A Song For Every Room)

And now for something completely different - I have just finished and posted up my latest 7 song EP titled "A Room For Every Season (A Song For Every Room)". This material is a return for me to my southern country roots relying heavily on personal experiences, places and people I have known my entire life. Ranging from Americana to Ballads with some Southern Rock for good measure there's something for everyone here!



My new 6 song EP and the third in my POP RECORD: CONFIDENTIAL series has been completed and posted up to the website. This is a solid body of work from start to finish - simply put I have composed and recorded some great Power Pop songs here that I hope you will enjoy listening to as much as I enjoyed creating!